Behind the Drawdown Agenda

The Drawdown Agenda is an exciting podcast series exploring the ground-breaking research behind the best-selling book Drawdown, a new and inspiring vision how we can reverse global warming by achieving “drawdown” – when atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations peak and begin to decline.

Every fortnight, we speak to key members of the Project Drawdown team, a broad coalition of researchers, scientists, policy makers, business leaders and activists who have mapped, measured, and modelled the 100 most important climate solutions that can help us reach “drawdown.” We explore the key carbon-reduction solutions across the seven sectors at the heart of Drawdown— energy, food, women and girls, transport, materials, building and cities, and land use- as well as emerging solutions. We discuss how these solutions work in practice, explore the momentum for change, and look to the future as we learn how we can take collective action to achieve “drawdown.”

The Drawdown Agenda is a collaboration between The Sustainability Agenda and Project Drawdown

Our Team

Executive producer and host: Fergal Byrne

Fergal is a seasoned writer and journalist. Following an MBA from INSEAD, he started his career in investment banking in London, and later co-founded a database technology start-up, before moving into the media. A long-time contributor to The Financial Times, Fergal also wrote for many years for the Economist Intelligence Unit, and latterly, Longitude (now part of the FT Group). He trained as a business editor for Radio 4’s Today programme and worked as a producer on a number of business and current affairs series for the ITV and BBC.

Fergal’s main work now is focused on sustainability. He hosts a number of sustainability related podcasts including Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, interviews with experienced social entrepreneurs and innovators, and Financing Social Entrepreneurs, where impact investors talk about how they fund and support social innovation. Fergal also hosts the popular sustainability podcast, The Sustainability Agenda, where leading sustainability and environmental thinkers explore key trends in sustainability. He is a member of the Global Advisory Board of the Social Innovation Academy and a member of the Great Transition Initiative.

Producer: Sam Zak

Sam is a recent graduate in History from the University of York. He takes a keen interest in issues around the sustainability space. In addition to producing The Drawdown Agenda, Sam has worked as a researcher for The Sustainability Agenda podcast for a year. He is interested in Project Drawdown’s research, especially for its holistic focus that also considers how issues pertaining to poverty and social justice impact the climate. Sam intends to do a masters degree in the area of sustainability in the near future, once he has completed his Swiss civil service.

Praise for The Drawdown Agenda

The Drawdown Agenda is helping to continue an essential conversation on how to solve climate change problem and, more generally, the challenge of living sustainably on this planet.”

Professor Michael E. Mann
Director of the Earth System Science Centre at Pennsylvania State University & IPCC scientist

The Drawdown Agenda podcast is required listening for anyone seriously interested in climate change. It turns out the silver bullet is in fact a magazine of different bullets we need to fire simultaneously. This vital podcast provides accessible and rich insights into the exciting possibilities of this new world.”

Paul Dickinson
Executive Chair of the Carbon Disclosure Project

The Drawdown Agenda podcast provides deep insights into what is a truly comprehensive and inspiring framework that shows what can be done here and now to safeguard a future where man and nature live in harmony.”

Georg Kell
Founder and former Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact. He is also the Chairman of Anglo-German asset manager, Arabesque Partners

The Drawdown Agenda podcast is an incredible eye-opener—an overview of tactics to attack harmful climate change presented in a way that everyone, from laypeople to scientists, will find not just informative, but arrestingly interesting.”

William F. Laurance, PhD, FAA, FAAAS, FRSQ
Distinguished Research Professor
Australian Laureate & Prince Bernhard Chair in International Nature Conservation (Emeritus). Director of the Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science 

I love the fact that you are publicizing the solutions in Drawdown, it’s one of the most important things we can do right now. So many people will be uplifted to know how much is already going on and that solutions are within our grasp.”

Susan Burns
Co-Founder and Director of Finance for Change at the Global Footprint Network

It is well worth listening to the Drawdown Agenda. Engaging host Fergal Byrne is talking to leading experts about some of the key actions we need to combat climate change. It turns out many of them are things we know how to do.”

Professor Sam Fankhauser
Director, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics

In this wonderfully warm and humorous podcast, Paul Hawken reflects back to the world what the world actually knows about reversing global warming. It’s an indispensable framework based entirely on possibilities!

We are not victims, objects of climate, something happening to us. It is feedback – from a system answering our actions. Any system that ignores feedback perishes. If seen as Feedback, global warming is a blessing, not a curse. If we heed it, it can spur us on to a 100+ ways of making a more flourishing, kinder, gentler, restorative future.”

Per Espen Stoknes
Psychologist, Economist & author of What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming

This is, by far, the most important podcast in sustainability right now.”

Green City Times

The Drawdown Agenda is critical in helping listeners focus on the highest priorities to help transition to more climate friendly solutions across the economy. The most progressive companies and individuals will turn here for advice and innovative thinking regarding best next steps to take on their decarbonization journey.”

Scott Tew
Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability at Ingersoll Rand